Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

Should You Wash Your Hair Every Day?

Understanding the hair and its needs can be very tricky, given a large number of combinations possible with the hair type, texture, thickness, and lifestyles led by the different people. Ideally, there can be no general rule for how often should you shampoo your hair. It needs to be customized depending on the factors mentioned below.

Strength of your Hair

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Whether or not you should wash your hair every day also depends on the same factors. If you have oily hair, you would need to wash the hair every day. The same is applicable if you have very thin hair or very silky, smooth hair as they tend to get dirty more often.

Dry or normal hair, thicker hair, and coarser hair can go without washing for much longer. Even a week without washing hair is comfortable for such hair given that there is not much lifestyle related activity which increases the need for frequent washing.

Condition of your Hair

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If you have a combination of hair types which require a different frequency for washing, you need to find a middle ground and decide on the desired frequency. The frequency also gets affected by your other activity such as blow drying and treating your hair and your physical activity. Depending on whether the activity makes your hair dry or oily, again the frequency of washing needs to be adjusted.

If you have curly hair which has thin strands will probably need more frequent washing than curly hair with thick strands. Similarly, straight hair with thicker strands could go for longer without washing as compared to straight hair with thinner strands.

As such you cannot have a rule for washing your hair and you need to take a call depending on the need of the moment, but as an average rule, you are safe if you wash your hair once in 2-3 days. You might need to change the schedule as per your requirements once in a while.

For example, if your hair wash is not scheduled for another couple of days, but you need to wash it due to a social engagement, you should. Similarly, if you have gone through a strenuous activity which has left your hair dirty and greasy, it is best to give it a wash and let it breathe. You can stick to a fixed schedule, if there is no change in your regular activities, but else to decide how often should you shampoo your hair, you need to listen to your hair.

Hope the blog has clarified all your doubts on how often should you shampoo your hair. The purpose of washing hair is to remove the dirt and greasiness which cannot be achieved by using water alone and hence we use shampoo. The use of shampoo also results in the removal of essential oils from the hair. Hence, care should be taken when deciding on the frequency of washing the hair and all the factors mentioned above should be kept in mind.


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